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Second Lieutenant Wayne R. Allen

Technician Fifth Grade George F. Applebee

Private First Class Clarence Applegarth

Private Louis A. Archuletta

Second Lieutenant Richard C. Arnold

Staff Sergeant Rupert W. Arnold

Private Frederick E. Baker

Private First Class Clifford O. Barnes

First Lieutenant Frank Bernzen Jr.

First Lieutenant Homer C. Biggs Jr.

Private First Class Everett E. Birkholz

Private First Class Finley M. Blair

Technician Fourth Grade Albert W. Blau

Private James W. Bowie

Private First Class Thomas A. Bowle

Captain John B. Brady

Staff Sergeant Ralph M. Bullock

Private Dan Carlson

First Lieutenant Reeves S. Carper

Technician Fifth Grade Jack M. Connally

Private First Class James Cundiff

Private First Class Philip E. De Silva

Private John Di Ciacco

Second Lieutenant Norman L. Doerges

Private First Class George E. Dunger

Private Benny Duran

Staff Sergeant Donald Dykema

Staff Sergeant Arthur S. Edmundson

Private First Class Bernard R. Espinoza

Sergeant John C. Fanning

Private First Class Chester Doyle Forbes

Private Norman B. Foster

Private Charles L. Franch

Private First Class Karl Frank

Captain John O. French

Staff Sergeant Alex E. Geist

Private Philip Germer

Private Walter L. Gibson

Private Anthony Gomez

Second Lieutenant Laurence M. Goreski

Private Paul Grogan

Second Lieutenant Morton P. Gross

Private Walter Gumen

Private First Class John D. Halls

Technician Fifth Grade Paul V. Hansen Jr.

Private First Class Louie Hernandez

Private First Class Charles S. Howard

Second Lieutenant Ransome B. Howe

Sergeant Harold M. Humphrey 
Sergeant Ysidro Jimenez 
Private First Class Charles E. Joslin 
Staff Sergeant Billy J. Karr 
Corporal Elmond C. Kelley 
Private John J. Keserich 
Staff Sergeant Vincent D. Kieffe 
Second Lieutenant Julius W. Krafft 
Private First Class Vernon L. Kregar 
Private Florian O. Kucera 
Staff Sergeant Arthur F. Kueker 
Private First Class Alfons G. Kuntz 
Private First Class Douglas M. Ledyard 
Private Ray A. Lemmon 
Private First Class William A. Lest 
Private Oracio Long 
Private First Class Albert L. Manley Jr.
Private Arnold J. Martinez 
Private Gilbert Martinez 
Private Jose A. Martinez 
First Lieutenant Raymond E. Matteson 
First Lieutenant Donald D. McClure 
Private First Class William P. McCormick 
Staff Sergeant Alfred R. McCunniff 
Second Lieutenant James W. McGuire 
Private Carl C. McNew 
Private First Class George A. Meyers 
Captain Russell W. Miller 
Second Lieutenant Joseph L. Montague Jr.
Staff Sergeant Orlo A. Montgomery 
Technical Sergeant Robert E. Moore 
Technical Sergeant William L. Nisbett 
Private First Class James F. O'Brien 
Private First Class Joe B. Ortega 
Staff Sergeant Jose J. Ortivez 
Private Wilbur S. Pakiser 
First Lieutenant Floyd L. Parsons 
Technical Sergeant Delbert F. Patton 
Technician Fourth Grade Louis P. Perko 
Second Lieutenant Richard W. Peterson 
Staff Sergeant Leroy F. Pettigrew 
Lieutenant Colonel Clarence R. Porter 
Technician Fifth Grade Placido G. Quinonez 
Private First Class Fermin Quintana 
Private Willie Ramirez 
Staff Sergeant Oscar Redmann 
Technician Fifth Grade Loren E. Richmond 
Technician Fifth Grade Leslie B. Riley 

Private First Class Charles W. Rogers 
Private First Class Raymond Rohn 
Private Julio Romero 
Staff Sergeant Lester A. Rose 
Private First Class John R. Ruland 
Private First Class Lawrence T. Saldana 
Private First Class Mike J. Sandoval 
Chaplain - Captain John W. Schwer 
Second Lieutenant Mario A. Scussel 
Staff Sergeant John R. Sertell 
Private First Class Adam Shank 
Technician Fifth Grade Bernard L. Shippert 
Second Lieutenant Donald E. Simmons 
Private First Class Feliciano J. Solano 
Sergeant Carl J. Sparks 
Sergeant Frederick W. Sperber 
Private First Class Nelson J. St Peter 
Private Everett W. Stewart 
Private First Class Carl Stoll 
Second Lieutenant Charles R. J. Stratton 
Staff Sergeant Frank P. Struble 
Corporal Jack A. Sullivan 
Sergeant Joe M. Sweeney 
Sergeant Donald Swift 
Private First Class Edwin C. Swinscoe 
Second Lieutenant Richard D. Taggart 
Staff Sergeant Andrew A. Tapparo 
First Lieutenant Hubert R. Tardif 
Private First Class Alvie L. Tatman 
Corporal Tony M. Terlep 
Private First Class Gale C. Thompson 
Private James H. Tilford 
Second Lieutenant Atiglio Toffoli 
Private John R. Tucker 
First Lieutenant Turner B. Turnbull 
Master Sergeant George R. Violette 
Sergeant Robert C. Wages 
Technician Fourth Grade Gilbert C. Walcher Jr.
First Lieutenant William C. Walker 
Private First Class Cleo C. Wederski 
Private First Class James R. Whitcomb 
Private First Class Kenneth R. Williams 
Sergeant Verley G. Winston 
Private Ben P. Wood 
Technician Fourth Grade Harry Wright 
Private William G. Wright 
Private First Class Elmer M. Wulf 
Corporal William D. Yockey 

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