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The Colorado Springs Chorale
"Peak Performance Award for Excellence in Choral Education"


Each year the Chorale honors an exceptional high school teacher in the region who has inspired students and encouraged them to continue with their love of choral music study and performance. The “Peak Performance Award for Excellence in Choral Education” includes a cash award and an engraved plaque. A traveling plaque is also presented to that teacher's school for display.

Past winners include:

  • 2011 – Dawn Wisdom, Cheyenne Mountain High School

  • 2012 – George Douthit, Lewis Palmer High School

  • 2013 – MaryAnn Brylleslyper, Discovery Canyon Campus

  • 2014 -  Jeffrey Hodur, Coronado High School

  • 2015 - Lisa Darland, Widefield High School

  • 2016 - Scott Christiansen, Mesa Ridge High School

  • 2017 – Paula Baack, Air Academy High School

  • 2018 - Jeff Peckham, Palmer High School

  • 2019 - Shawna Beeler, Vista Ridge High School

  • 2020 - MaryAnn Brylleslyper, Palmer Ridge High School

We would like to invite you, singer, student, parent, teacher, peer, etc. to nominate your favorite educator for this season’s award selection. To inquire about how you can nominate a local teacher, contact the Chorale office at


$500 Cash Prize underwritten by Meeker Music

Nominate a High School Choral Teacher

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