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February 4, 2021

Tenor and Bass Only

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  • Sing one prepared selection. It need not be in a foreign language or be memorized. Present an aria or song from an opera, oratorio, or cantata (sacred or secular), an art song, a concert arrangement of a folk song, hymn, or Broadway excerpt -- not to exceed 3 minutes. Do not use selections straight from a hymnal. Despite their beauty, hymns utilize a limited vocal range. No “pop songs,” please. If you have any questions regarding an appropriate selection, do not hesitate to call. Please do not forget to bring a copy of your music for the accompanist.

  • Vocalize simple scales to determine voice range.

  • Sight read a choral piece in 4 parts, singing your own voice part.  The piece will be accompanied to provide support. 

  • Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in learning new music through sight singing, rhythm reading, and singing back intervals that will be played for you on the piano.

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