Audition For The Chorale

Auditions next held:

January 2022


Audition Requirements

Auditions are private and last approximately eight minutes. During your audition, you will be asked to do the following:
  • Sing one prepared selection. Click here for detailed information.
  • Vocalize simple scales to determine voice range.
  • Sight read a choral piece in 4 parts, singing your own voice part.  The piece will be accompanied to provide support. 
  • Demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in learning new music through sight singing, rhythm reading, and singing back intervals that will be played for you on the piano.

Choosing a Prepared Song

Please note the following guidelines when selecting your prepared music selection:
  • Present an aria or song from an opera, oratorio, or cantata (sacred or secular), an art song, or a concert arrangement of a folk song, hymn, or Broadway excerpt.
  • Your selection should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • Your selection need not be in a foreign language or be memorized.
  • Do not use selections straight from a hymnal. Despite their beauty, hymns utilize a limited vocal range.
  • No “pop songs,” please.
  • Your performance song MUST be accompanied by our accompanist. No a cappella performances.
  • Do not ask the accompanist to transpose your music. Your piece must be printed in the key you wish to sing.
  • One week before your audition, you will be asked to email a scanned or digital copy of your music.
  • Please bring a copy of your music for your own use.
  • If you have any questions regarding an appropriate selection, do not hesitate to email.

Scheduling Your Audition

Thursday, August 26th dates have been cancelled. Wednesday, August 25th time slots are currently full. Please complete step two below to be added to the waitlist. If a time slot opens up, you'll be contacted via email. Waitlist is first come, first served.
All auditions are by appointment. 
Please complete all of the following steps. If you need assistance, please email

Step One

Add to your "safe contacts" list. All correspondence will be via email. Let's make sure it isn't in your spam box.

Step Two

Provide your contact and bio information here.

Step Three

When dates are announced you will receive an email to schedule your audition.

Frequently Asked Questions

"How do I practice rhythm?"  

Visit this site to access rhythmic sight reading examples.  The rhythmic sight reading in the audition will look similar to this website's practice exercises and will reflect a level 2 or 3 in difficulty.

"What will the sight reading look like?" 

You will sight read your own voice part, reading from a choral piece using standard notation for choir in 4 parts.  There will be piano accompaniment to provide support.

"I can't read music.  What should I do?"

While learning music by ear is a valuable skill, your audition must demonstrate some facility with reading music. You do not have to be note perfect!

"Why is it required for me to sing my prepared piece with accompaniment?"

A cappella singing allows for ambiguity about tuning and rhythmic accuracy. Singing with an accompanist provides a better indication of your collaborative skills as a musician.  


"Can I use a choral piece for my audition song?"

This is not recommended, but we will accept it as long as the piece is accompanied and clearly demonstrates your range and vocal skill. 

"I have questions! Who should I ask?"

Email Jamie Grandy at or call 719-634-3737. She can answer any questions you might have. She can help you with scheduling issues or help you cancel or move an audition.

"Who will be at my audition?"

You will check in with Jamie Grandy. Your audition will be private -- just you, artistic director Deborah Jenkins Teske, and accompanist, Dan Brink, in the room.

"What COVID precautions will be taken?"

The Chorale is dedicated to the safety of our singers and staff. Auditioning singers are asked not to arrive earlier than ten minutes before their scheduled time slot. Masks are optional for singers and staff who are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated singers must be masked at all times. Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination. You will receive an email to verify your information about a week before your audition. Music for the accompanist will need to be emailed in one week before auditions are held, and will be printed by the staff for the accompanist. On arrival, you'll be given a copy of the sight-singing music. If you have any questions, please email


Audition Location

First Christian Church
16 East Platte Avenue
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
Please park in the North lot off Cascade Ave.
You will enter through the door under the awning.
When you arrive, press the call button to the left of the door.

Vocal Coaches

Click here for a list of recommended vocal instructors.